Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Why I want really long hair

At present moment, my hair looks a lot like this wig, with a full fringe (symmetrical, straight across) and about waist-length. My last proper haircut was summer 2012 - I couldn't really understand the mumbly Chinese hairdresser's questions so didn't really know what I was agreeing to, but I walked out with thinned, armpit-length, slightly layered hair. I didn't intend it to be cut that short but he did a very good job of it. Around winter 2012 my mum trimmed it a bit, taking off probably a few centimetres, and since then I've done nothing but snip off individual split ends now and then. (Though I still have loads of split ends. Urgh.) As of this afternoon I have decided that I am also going to grow out my fringe. There, I've typed it, and I'm going to do it now. To motivate myself, here are the reasons I want long hair.

The porcelain doll, Emilka
As well as videoing several hairstyle tutorials, she also shares how she cares for her hair in one handy post.
Pam, pam, pam

The fierce* and fiery-haired Olivia
*She dresses fierce, but I've exchanged words with her a couple of times and I can vouch for the veracity of her sidebar.

The real-life mermaid, Megan
Her cherry red hair being her signature look, she's written a lot about it. Useful for anyone trying to grow their hair out, maintain a certain colour or just keep it healthy.
Festival fun


  1. I'm growing my hair as long as I can at the moment - the girl from http://www.flattery.ca/ inspired me. Just long straight hair, nothing special. I always intend to do interesting hairstyles with it but as yet I still can't master a french plait...

    1. I can just about manage a French plait on myself; I promise it gets easier with practice! I don't usually put effort into hair though. My default hairstyle is just... big long everywhere. Authentic bed hair xD


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