Sunday, 17 August 2014

"You may rise to find the sun"

I got into uni! And now I am really worried. I was so ready for this but now I feel I am really not. What's probably going to happen is I'll get there with all my stuff and sit down and cry for a week until lectures start and I actually have to start learning things again. Anywho.
One Ring: Mordor
t-shirt: H&M
bag: 'Made in Italy'
shorts: Peacocks
socks: Next
boots: Safiya

Aren't these little shorts the cutest? I'd been looking round for some ultra-comfortable loose shorts for summer, but was reluctant to spend £20 on them, but then I found these in Peacocks for less than £7. They feel like pyjamas, and because they're shorts, I can roll around in them without flashing any unfortunates who happen to be around.

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