Friday, 1 August 2014

"Clear the way for my crash-landing"

necklace: TK Maxx
top: M&S
skirt: Gok for Tu, Sainsbury's
sandals: Clark's

My mum's had these sandals for ages and I tried them on recently and found out that they now fit me! Now it's like I have a new pair of shoes. Anyway, here's that skirt I was on about before. The skirt's colour is darker than it should be and it doesn't have that sheen, but I still think it looks nice. I certainly wouldn't have bought it at full price but £10 I don't think was unreasonable. I'm not even wearing a petticoat under it, but it still has that awesome shape.


  1. Hi baby! Just found your blog and totally love it! That skirt is amazing ^^ I followed you via Google Friends Connect (as Agnieszka Rybicka) and via bloglovin and LB. Would be AMAZING if you check out my blog: Kiss!

  2. Those sandals are great! And the skirt does have a lovely shape :)


Thank you ♥

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