Saturday, 9 August 2014

Badge collection

In one of my drawers there is a medium-sized black box sitting quietly in the corner. Every now and again, this box is gently tipped upside-down onto the bed under the sun, and its contents come sprawling out into a pile of pleasing disarray.

This is my badge collection. Some are inherited from my sister, but I treasure every single badge in my box, because they each carry some kind of memory association, whether it with to a time, a place, an old friend, or a new friend. Many are souvenirs, a couple I found on the ground, some were gifts.

A close-up of a few of my favourites
My old-time favourite is the beautiful blue painted mask in the bottom left, which was a present to my sister from her friend. Since early childhood, I remember sneaking into my sister's room to take out her black box of badges (it was a watch box back then) to take out the mask and turn it over in my fingers, admiring its composure and elegance.

A badge with a lot of sentimental value for me is the white seal, also in the bottom left. My best friend and Wifey gave it to me in primary school, where I wore it on my jumper every day. It now lives in a special little blue box with a few bracelets and the treble clef, also presents from Wifey.

Of course, I also had to show you close-ups of my Pokemon and Zelda badges!

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