Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Golden Sun

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It's been a long time since our Golden Sun days. After watching my sister play the whole thing, I only managed the first game myself and didn't continue because I passed too many points of no return and didn't collect all the djinn, which is not okay for me. I remember playing it in China, agonising over equipment and djinn combinations and getting stuck and having to skip places because I didn't have instant access to walkthroughs. And hours on a sleeper train, reloading and reloading to get these certain boots from a gambling fountain!

But I loved the puzzles and the battles and the character designs. Golden Sun is one of the few games in which female characters actually get to wear clothes. Last month I caught artist Bente's livestream and I mentioned that my sister spoke to Bente a couple of times back in the Golden Sun days, and Bente remembers this. Small world. So I drew some Golden Sun-style designs for Rise of the Guardians characters. I think Golden Sun's clothing designs are characterised by simple chunkiness, bright colours and patterns of geometric shapes. Jack would be a Mercury adept and Tooth would be Jupiter, I think. These were really fun to design.

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  1. Ah man these two look so good! I've never heard of Golden Sun, although by the sounds of it I've played many a game like it - confound those puzzles!


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