Sunday, 20 July 2014

Art trade 1

Requested by Kate
Since it's summer and we all have time, I decided to start an art trade with my two ex-schoolmates, Ginge and Kate. I drew for Kate, Kate drew for Ginge and Ginge drew for me, and it was so fun, we want to go the other way round again! We used to take art class together and while Kate's the only one who's taken art on, Ginge and I still like to doodle.

Kate requested Skyward Sword Link in any pose, so that's what I did. This was one of my favourite scenes from Skyward Sword. Originally it was a couple of pencil sketches but when the others in the art trade came out with watercoloured masterpieces I coloured mine to make myself feel less inadequate.

From Ginge I requested Jack Frost and Hiccup together as bezzies, because in my head they're like bros, and I absolutely love what she did with them. And I feel so special that someone drew something for me! Ginge has actually requested a really difficult one from me, which will end up looking rubbish because I have no reference pose and will take ages, but I'll finish it eventually.

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  1. Link looks great! He's such a fashionable guy ;)


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