Sunday, 15 June 2014

Prince of Egypt

I heard that the animation of The Prince of Egypt, the 1998 Exodus adaptation by DreamWorks, was quite good for its time, so I gave it a shot, with comfortably low expectations thanks to the film's ratings online.

It turns out I loved it. The animation was beautiful, especially for its time, and the story was heart-wrenchingly cruel. It's not a feel-good film and is quite dark and disturbing for something presumably aimed at children. What really surprised me though was the music: the opening sequence just gave me goosebumps. Hans Zimmer and Stephen Schwartz are just amazing.

A lot of the themes in this film cut very deep for me: of course there's the awful injustices of slavery and the murder of children, but also the mercilessness of gods, and having to leave and hurt people you love. With no clear antagonist in the story and so much suffering - maybe God? - it's hard to find somewhere to direct the blame and the anger, but I suppose this is a realistic reflection of the cruelties of life.

concept art by Paul Lasaine

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  1. I love this film so much! It's my favourite non-Disney, hands down :) the music, the character design, it's all perfect. Definitely does justice to such an amazing story


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