Thursday, 5 June 2014

Nightmare Toothiana

on deviantART
Nope, I'm still not done with Tooth. I love playing with her colours! It's the funnest thing, grabbing the 'hue' slider and sliding it left and right so her colours change.

This used to be a pencil sketch, but then I finally discovered how to remove all the white from scanned images. It's like magic; I almost screamed when it worked. (I'm easily impressed.) It's something like Photoshop > Select > Colour Range, then delete the white that's been magically selected, then in SAI, change the layer to Multiply. This is great for me because I can't lineart digitally and can't colour traditionally.

My first exam is tomorrow. I'm actually more worried about how unworried I am about exams than I'm worried about the exams themselves. Make sense? ... No?

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