Sunday, 11 May 2014

My room

This has been my room for over ten years. It's basically just a bed - squeezed in the remaining floor space is a desk (no chair) and a small bookshelf. This is where I sleep and read. In just a few months I'll be moving to uni so I think now's a good time to take a couple of photos of what the place looks like right now.

To the right of the above photo is the rest of the dinosaurs and the rest of the Doctor Who poster. On the opposite wall are more Lord of the Rings posters (they've been up since the films came out over a decade ago) and a few Fullmetal Alchemist printouts of Mustang and his gang.

The amount of times someone appears on my wall is not necessarily proportional to how much I like him or her. For example, there are three 11th Doctors and only one Sherlock. There was a phase several years ago when there were about five pictures of Aragorn, some of which were huge. This is partly because Aragorn was my favourite character, but mostly because of the abundance of Aragorn posters available. Also, blu tack leaves marks on the wall which is why I try to overlap the pictures. Poor Legolas, who has a big mark on his nose from when I put blu tack there, is slowly getting covered up by newcomers like Mrs. Lovett and Jack Frost, haha.

Sherlock silhouette cushion: from Ginge
Baker Street cushion: Home and Bargain
Frozen book: from Mir
Dinosaur birthday card: from S
RAcaseal birthday card: from Mir
Zelda posters: Nintendo magazine


  1. Oh, it looks so nice! Those posters make such a nice atmosphere. I should finally decorate my plain walls, too.

    1. I love being surrounded by pin-ups, so I can look up and see all my favourite people <3

  2. Wow, this room has so much going on! I was never allowed to blu-tac posters to my walls so I put them all over the back of my door instead haha :P


Thank you ♥

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