Saturday, 5 April 2014

"You look like bad news"

Qipao: Dorothy Perkins, PDSA
Shorts: DIY
Heels: Clarks

I am telling you, when it comes to short dresses and skirts, lace-trimmed cycling shorts are your friend. I picked up this qipao in a charity shop because of its simplicity, though I love the embroidered flowers and the combination of glossy black edged with dark red.

Somehow I got offers from three dental schools and I've been agonising between two of them for a week or two now. I'm planning to make the final decision on Monday, so I can get on with immunisation paperwork and accomodation and stuff. So far I've changed my mind every single day so I hope I'll settle on one university really soon!


  1. Lace trimmed cycling shorts! Wow, I was so sure that you were wearing lace trimmed hold up tights - definitely a great look and probably makes wearing this qipao a little more comfortable :P


Thank you ♥

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