Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Tulle skirt

There is a certain unexplainable novelty attached to wearing a skirt that's so big, you can hardly fit through the door. Maybe it's because when you look down, all you can see is pale and fluffy tulle, as if you're nestled in a cloud.

|| Diya L. || Shiny S. || Oana S. ||

Tulle is the very fine-hole, lightweight stuff that's often used for wedding veils and ballet tutus. I especially love the dreamy, floaty element it brings to any ensemble, whether combined with polka-dots, fur, denim, or even more lace.


  1. Tulle skirts are probably my favourite kind of skirts ^^

  2. I would love to get a tulle skirt to just sit around the house in. Like a princess on her day off.

    1. I wonder what princesses do all day... apart from building snowmen and riding bikes around the halls...


Thank you ♥

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