Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Skull: from A, A, C and L
Jewellery stand: Dunelm Mill, from B
Evenstar necklace: from O
Watch: Rotary, Argos, from parents

Finally, a photo of some of the thingies I got for my birthday last month. Excuse all of the bling - I had already loaded up the stand with my swag and couldn't be bothered to take off the stuff that isn't new for the photo.

So what shall I call my skull? I'm working on the assumption that it's a lady skull, and European, by looking up indicators online. She's life-sized, made of resin, has a moving jaw, and she's very happy perched on top of the bookcase with the rest of my treasured collection of extremely awesome but otherwise quite useless objects.


  1. I also have a skull! I bought it for Halloween and put a lit candle on his head, now he's all covered in wax and looks awesome :) your's is far too pretty for that though, obviously. So pristine! And I love those jewellery ladies, they're so useful. I used to have one but my necklaces were super heavy and kept pulling her over :/

    1. Aww I'd love to put a candle in mine but it's logistically impossible, haha.
      Oh noooo, the centre of gravity was too high D: The stuff I've hung on mine isn't too heavy, thankfully. I keep it right in the corner of my room.


Thank you ♥

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