Sunday, 20 April 2014

"It takes the truth to fool me"

Leather jacket: River Island, Asos
Gengar necklace: Pokemon
Jumper: New Look
Skirt: Debenhams
Petticoat: Matalan
Legwarmers: China
Boots: Clarks

Today I caught an episode of the Pokemon anime on CITV. Every time I catch it, I watch it, and facepalm at how awful it is and what a crap trainer Ash is and how annoying all their voices are. Plus, I didn't recognise any of the Pokemon (except Pikachu, obviously) because it was an X/Y episode. But at least the intro song was familiar.

I played Sims 3 at my sister's house for so long yesterday I gave myself a headache. But Sims is the perfect AU to make all my favourite ships come true. So what if Elsa and Jack Frost are from different films? In Sims they can lie in the snow and watch the stars together while my inner fangirl goes into meltdown. Though I have to give Rainbow Snowcone a chance too, even if it means a little two-timing from Jack... *giggle*

Errr, anyway, Happy Easter! Here is a picture of Bunnymund to mark this momentous occasion!

from Theiapolis
I did pretty much nothing today except finish off more Tooth Fairy fanart (it's my pride and joy) and customise a Tumblr layout (with lots of help from and do a few maths questions and try to start memorising essay plans for my impending English exams. I really hate revising for English.

My new Tumblr layout, complete with working search bar, fixed sidebar and page navigation buttons big enough to click!
Now I'm going to waste the rest of my evening elsewhere on the internet. Have a nice Monday off tomorrow!

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