Sunday, 2 March 2014

"So dust off your highest hopes"

Jumper: Next
Boots: my sister's

This is very much one of my go-to outfit formats: a comfy slouchy jumper, a cute skirt, and some warm boots. I found these boots in the garage - they belong to my sister - and while they're a tiny bit small for me, they're very cosy, and different to all my other boots.

Once again I have started another Pokemon game - this time it's Leaf Green, and after playing the first half twice, I'm going to see it through - and once again it is ruining my life. What will be my 13374 team is already assembled: Wartortle, Graveler, Kadabra, Vulpix, Jolteon and Gastly. If you know your first gen Pokemon you might notice that three of these need to be traded to make their final evolution. That's where my friend Ginge comes in - she said she'll help me out with that. Thanks, Ginge!

Something very important I noticed: just look at this Metapod. Look at it.
from Redbubble
Doesn't it look so done with life? This is how I feel. I feel done with life, just like this Metapod. Because my final uni interview is late next week. I just want it out of my hands, but even more I want to be put out of my misery and given an offer. Please please please please please please.


  1. This is gorgeous! I love the lace xo

  2. Very cool outfit
    Great pics too! :)


Thank you ♥

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