Sunday, 9 March 2014

March wishlist

Now that I've used up my four chances to not mess up getting into dental school, I've been giving myself a break this weekend before I start on trying to pass my exams. I'm quite materialistic at the best of times, but it's around my birthday I'm the worst - I can't help but enjoy looking up nice things I really want. The search for the Sherlock scarf is going to be pretty futile seeing as it's practically spring already but I'll keep an eye out. I'm still waiting for the price of the brogues to be reduced but if it never happens I don't mind. After getting a new watch strap for an old watch I found in the drawer I technically no longer need another watch. But the Triforce necklace is a matter of time - I've wanted it for ages and perhaps this is a good opportunity to ask for it?

On the subject of watches, I'm very, very particular about them. I've worn one every single day for as long as I can remember and I feel naked without it. My watch must be analogue, round, waterproof to at least 30m and have a date display; these features are non-negotiable. I used to insist on glow-in-the-dark hands, but I've noticed it barely works - it's only worth it if the entire face is glow-in-the-dark. After a couple of years in a watch with a metal strap, I've also decided that I will only be using leather straps in the future, because my hair always snags in the metal, and it's heavy.

Hope you've been lucky as me with the weather this weekend!


  1. A few months ago I decided to buy a watch - nothing too expensive, just from New Look. Wore it all the time and then all the gold finish wore off and now it makes me wrist green :/ I guess one with a leather-type strap would be a lot better, but they always seem to snap on me after definitely-not-long-enough. The Rotary watch in your post is pretty gorgeous though. Maybe it's time to invest...

    1. I have to get a replacement leather strap (£4 from the indoor market) about every year so in the long run it is pretty expensive. But I find it a lot more comfortable though :3

    2. £4 a year doesn't seem too bad - less effort than buying a new watch, that's for sure! And I know leather is way more reliable than plastic, and a lot more comfortable than the cheap metal watches I keep buying haha. Unfortunately I'm a vegan so I can't have leather, and gold is so expensive these days.


Thank you ♥

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