Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Let it go

I am so obsessed with Frozen and Rise of the Guardians, I don't know what to do with myself. Both had promotional material and posters that looked absolutely crap but now I've watched them I love them to bits and can't wait to rewatch them.

New favourite pairing: Elsa x Jack. "She's perfect. He's perfect. So they're perfect togeeeeether!" No, but really. Elsa is all uptight "be the good girl you always have to be" and Jack is a punky rebel. They both have cryokinetic powers (Elsa's stronger, but Jack can fly), they both have stunning hair, they're both fabulous and sassy and beautiful.

The way I've tried to exorcise all my Feelings is through crap fanart. Enjoy!
Elsa on deviantART
Jack Frost on deviantART

I had a lovely birthday over the weekend - I spent Saturday night in a play barn (because I am All Grown Up now), burying myself in the ball pool and screaming whilst plummeting down the vertical slide. It was amazing. There's loads of super neat swag I received that I need to show you, maybe this weekend if I have time and the light's good enough for photos.

Oh, and if, like me, you think Let It Go is the most fabulous song ever, you'll probably love the French version. "Le froid est pour moi le prix de la liberté!"


  1. Ah man, now I'm going to have "Let it Go" in my head all day. Great fan art, I really loved the film; after seeing so much internet hype about it, I was pleasantly surprised that it actually Was as good as it was made out to be :P I've seen a lot of people shipping Jack Frost and Elsa, but something about Elsa made me think she was older (maybe it's just that she's so sensible) whereas Jack seems very childlike. I do agree they'd make the perfect couple :)

    1. "Ah man, now I'm going to have "Let it Go" in my head all day." Heehee you're welcome x3
      Elsa is definitely more mature, which is unsurprising because in real life most boys are ridiculously juvenile. (That's why I prefer the fictional ones, haha.) Jack looks very young and could be anything from early to late teen, though his voice makes him sound on the older side. Elsa had just come of age in the film, and most cultures put that at 18ish probably? Composed ice queen vs. punky rebel ;) They would have the best fights.


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