Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Papercraft Vaporeon

My papercraft resolution is to make all of the Eevees, made possible by Tenpepakura's awesomeness. I thought it would get boring making the same basic shape all of the time, but Vaporeon was really different to Espeon because of the fat tail, spines and neck ruff thing. In Diamond my Vaporeon was my tank and surfer and I liked it.

My brother-in-law Cel is obsessed with Eevees, doing whole playthroughs just with Eevee evolutions, so I gave him the Eevee papercraft to do, and he enjoyed it. I feel so influential. I haven't got pictures yet but expect more Pokemon papercraft soon.


  1. I loved Eevee! It had so much potential - I don't think I ever plucked up the courage the evolve one for good though :P Beautiful lookin Vaporeon :) And I've just noticed the little glasses-and-smiley-face logo on the top of your blog tab on my browser - that's so cool! How'dyu get that up there?

    1. In my current Leaf Green playthrough I have a Jolteon, and after I spent an hour at the casino to get enough coins to buy thunderbolt TM, it's greeeaaaat :D
      The logo you're referring to is called a favicon! I did it a while ago so I'm not 100% sure this is right but I think this is what I did:
      go to MS paint, make the image 16x16 pixels
      draw the logo, save it as .jpg
      use this site to convert it into .ico
      go to Blogger > layout > Favicon (top left) and upload
      Hope it works for you if you try it :D


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