Saturday, 22 February 2014


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It was my friend O's birthday this week. She likes cows and she likes Moomins, so I drew her this. I haven't even known her for two years but she's such an awesome person and I'm really glad I met her.

In fact, I've been horribly, slushily, emotionally full of... emotions all week. Today before rehearsal the orchestra manager was talking about reauditions and I almost cried right there, surrounded by people. I don't cry in public. Because whether I get into dental school or not, I won't have time for this orchestra any more, and it's been the most rewarding thing I've ever done in my life, and could very well be the pinnacle of my music hobby. I've only been in it two years and I barely know anyone there, but I'm going to miss it a lot.


  1. I remember trying to watch the Moomins when I was a kid, but just feeling really confuse. I think I spent half the time trying to figure out what animal they were. This picture is super cute though! Hope your emotions have subsided by now :/

    1. I always think of them as hippos! Maybe it's the nose? Me and my mate were wondering what a moomin x-ray and CAT scan would look like. What's inside the nose? Just a huge nasal cavity? Or maybe it's all brain matter?? Who knows!!!?!?
      Thank you, I've emotionally levelled out now! Though still waiting for replies from unis T_T


Thank you ♥

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