Sunday, 16 February 2014

Fake fur

As a voracious meat-eater and lover of leather, I'm not obsessive over animal rights. Yes, I'm a terrible person. But it's just not an issue I've looked into a lot, because it's not particularly relevant to me because normal shops don't sell fur and there's plenty of perfectly lovely fake fur around. And I don't like voicing a strong opinion over something I don't feel informed about. It's actually quite hard to research it because everything written about the fur trade feels like it's immensely biased.

If you want to make me rage, you're better off talking to me about wasting food/energy/time/effort/everything. Consequently I just take a default but passive stance when it comes to fur in fashion, of being against it. I wouldn't buy fur first-hand because I would feel like I were directly funding the fur trade. The waters get muddy when it comes to second-hand fur though. Is it a waste not to use it?

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  1. There's no moral difference between fur and leather. All animal products involve tremendous animal suffering - how else do you turn a living, feeling being into a neatly packaged product? It's not a pretty process! ( has good animal rights info that isn't biased against particular products.)

    I think one of the reasons that the anti-fur stance is the "default" one is because most people don't wear fur, so it's easy to lay the blame for animal cruelty on someone else.

    Just found your blog today BTW and I love your drawings and photos :) Good luck with uni.


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