Saturday, 1 February 2014

Animal hoods

|| Kate R. || Sina C. || Pop C. ||

Animal hoods can so easily look tacky and costumey, but some of it's really in how you wear it. With a decent-quality furry animal hood in a neutral colour like brown or grey, with careful styling it can look adorable in a perfectly dignified way. Pair them with more neutral tones and lots of layers for a cozy winter look. Finish it off with your favourite boots.

P.S. Happy second birthday, blog!


  1. I am SO obsessed with these! I always get a new one for music festivals xo

    1. I've heard of Spirit Hoods on the internet (their logo is suspiciously like Zelda's) but I've never seen any furry animal hat selling in a shop that actually looks good :(

  2. I've got a similiar ona to the lower middle picture :) They all look nice!


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