Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Lab coats

Makise Kurisu and Ema Skye on deviantART
I wanted to draw people who wear labcoats. Christiiina is from Steins;Gate and Ema is from the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney games. This is undoubtedly the neatest thing I have ever drawn in my life. Also I think I deserve an award for the most unconvincing lab coat creases ever drawn. Looking back I should have included Molly Hooper from Sherlock, because who doesn't love Molly Hooper?


  1. I can assure you, I never look this awesome in my lab coat!

    1. I want to be a dentist and I was gutted that I won't get to wear a lab coat every day :( There's just some kind of weird street cred I associate with lab coats in my mind, haha.

  2. So cute! I love your drawing style
    I've always thought lab coats looked pretty neat. After seeing this drawing, I have the strange urge to go out and purchase one for no actual reason now.

    The Girly Gamer

    1. Thanks! I don't usually draw this neat but I want to use this style again for a Pokemon trainer drawing I have somewhere.


Thank you ♥

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