Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Watercolour pencil

I don't like colouring. It's a pain and I'm useless at it. Occasionally I use watercolour, which is messy because it involves water, and it's a bitch to use because mistakes are indelible. I say I'm rubbish at colouring pencils because I don't own any good quality ones, but that's not strictly true. I don't have good colouring pencils that I can bring myself to use.

Melia was subject to my watercolour pencil experiment. I think she looks nice with her hair down, as it's hard to get creative with her normal hairstyle, which doesn't allow me to do billowy waves everywhere like I usually do. The advantage of pencils is that they're fuss-free - no need for water or brushes or toilet roll. I've an A3 drawing of her that I've broken out the posh watercolour pencils for but I have no idea what it'll look like if I wet it, so I may keep testing with this drawing here.

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  1. Ooh lovely :) I too love drawing big wavy hair - although I love colouring with pencils :D havent done it in way too long though, because i dont have any paper.... Yours is quite wonderful, those colours are gorgeous :)

  2. This is beautiful! I find coloring very tedious as well so I really admire your work! :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  3. Wow, you're insanely talented!


  4. It looks very nice :) I'm envious, I can't draw at all :O


Thank you ♥

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