Thursday, 12 December 2013

Violin motif

James May said, in his programme about brains, that there isn't really a 'brain-training' game or method that actually works, except playing an instrument. For many hours over many years. Starting from childhood. As someone who's spent a lot of time on a violin, I was very happy to hear this.

I think the violin is thought of as a feminine instrument, because of its high register and hourglass shape. As well as being the hardest and most painful instrument to master, the violin is also one of the most beautiful. I don't always appreciate my violin's smooth wood, the f-holes, the curves. (The sticky white resin, the bit of yellow duster fluff stuck on the E string's adjuster, the place where my corrosive fingers are dissolving through the varnish...)

It's a reasonably common motif in lolita fashion - there are those violin bags, and many JSKs that are themed upon music and violin - but also pops up in general fashion. Recently a package arrived in the post which I can't wait to share with you - I just need some daylight to get some pictures so I can do a detailed review - so stick around.


  1. Lovely!

    Emma x

  2. I haven't seen so many clothes with violins before. The third dress (black and white) is really cute.

    1. Which is why I had to gather them all in one place, heehee~
      There will be even less clothes with, say, trumpets on them, so as a violinist I count myself lucky ;)

  3. I can't play any instrument, such a shame :< But I love the violin motif, I have a Violin Bag and I like it very much :)


Thank you ♥

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