Saturday, 14 December 2013 violin bag review

Restyle is an alternative fashion web shop based in Poland. The site's language can be toggled between Polish and English. They sell items of a gothic style, including some gothic lolita things. I first came across the site because of this amazing skirt they have.

The website is a pretty standard design, and is easy to use. I especially like how the availability of items is displayed as a green health bar. The English is not perfect but perfectly understandable. Imperfect English can ring alarm bells but some internet searches on revealed it to be a legit website.

Restyle stocks lots of nice bags, but my favourite is definitely the violin bag. As a follower of lolita fashion I've always known about violin bags, but what tipped me over the edge of self-restraint was a picture of someone with a violin bag that had a shoulder strap on it. (I'm not really into handbags and much prefer across-the-shoulder bags.) I originally was looking for a black violin bag, but the detailing on it is grey which makes it harder to match things with. The brown one has a nicer colour scheme, is more like a real violin, and is just more aesthetically pleasing as an accessory on its own.

The bag itself was £27.61. Because it came from Poland the shipping was pretty steep: £8.76 by priority registered letter. Then there's the 4.5% Paypal Charge, which was £1.71, but it is the most secure way to pay. In total it was £38.08. Quite expensive for a non-leather handbag so you'd have to really like the design to cough up for it.

I placed my order on Friday evening, and the site estimated that I would get my package in 8 days. In fact, it came on Wednesday evening, which was 5 days after I ordered it, which is quite impressive seeing as it's so near Christmas and the postal services must be quite busy at the moment.

It came in a clear plastic bag inside a brown cardboard box. The website gives its dimensions (30x30x8cm) but it was still larger than I expected, because of all the pictures of other violin bags I've been looking at. Inside the bag itself was the shoulder strap, some brown polka-dot stuffing paper, and a packet of silica gel. The bag had a Restyle tag on it, and inside the box was a receipt thingy and a Restyle flyer.

  • The black inside lining of the bag is not attached to the outside of the bag.
  • The metal parts of the bag, like the zip pull and the clasps and things, would have looked nicer if they were a dull gold or bronze colour.
  • Though the bag looks quite big, its volume is not, so you can only store small or flat things in it.
  • There are some loose thread ends on the embroidery.
  • At the sides, the edge embroidery is not always perfectly at the edge.
  • Like all new plastic things it stinks a bit but that should wear off.
As you can see, none of these bad points are particularly bad. The quality is sufficient for all but the closest of inspections so is absolutely satisfactory, since this is what I expected anyway. The bag came in perfect condition and I'm very happy with it.

Shop's website design: ★★★★★
Shop's product choice: ★★★★☆
Shipping speed: ★★★★★
Product quality: ★★★★☆
Product value for money: ★★☆☆☆ (due to expensive shipping)


  1. That bag is gorgeous! And, it always helps that that it came from a reputable store.

  2. I like the design of this bag, I even considered buying it, but I have one violin bag already, so it would be too much for me XD"

    1. Aww at least you already have one :3 I really love mine, even though it gets full so easily xP

  3. I've been considering buying this bag, and your review's proved really useful in helping me make up my mind. Thank you! :)


Thank you ♥

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