Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Otome Kei

If you try to search up what otome kei is, you'll get some quite vague answers. It's apparently all about dressing like a 'young lady', but that hardly means anything at all. Rather than assume no one knows what they're talking about, it's a lot easier to check out Google images instead to see for yourself.

Otome kei's not easy to pin down because it doesn't have such strict rules like lolita. You could say otome kei is basically lolita without the rules, without the Victorian influence, and with less petticoats. It's instead characterised by a cute but modern aesthetic that often uses interesting prints and quirky motifs like rabbits and cake and biscuits. One of my favourite things about this style is the eclectic pattern-clashing, which takes some confidence to pull off, but looks creative and fun. Stripes, polka-dots, chequers and flowers are just everywhere, and I love it.


  1. It looks like a casual version of lolita to me. Really nice, something I could wear on a daily basis.

    1. Yeah, I love how lolita looks but I just don't dress that formal on a daily basis too.

  2. I want to start wear otome kei outfits, I thinks it is more suitable for daily use than lolita ;) And this style looks really great ^^


Thank you ♥

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