Friday, 27 December 2013

'Many Happy Returns'

How was your Christmas? Mine was perfectly pleasant, even though Doctor Who was rubbish. I look forward to Capaldi and I really hope M- I mean Clara gets a personality soon.

I've been shopping recently and I got some cool knee-high animal socks from the Next sale (my sister and I have gotten into a tradition of getting up early(ish) for it) and some mustard yellow tights from H&M (so I can cosplay Amy Pond in Let's Kill Hitler which was on TV in the past month or two) and a denim pinafore dress (because I watched Despicable Me 2 again with my sister and now I want to be a minion.) The pinafore has nasty PU straps but it was £5 and it's just for cosplaying. I'm hoping to get some pretty ribbon and make removable covers for the straps, and I will also make some kind of Gru emblem, probably from felt, to pin onto the pocket at the front.
pinafore dress: Primark
We stopped in Costa for cappuccino and in the queue my sister heard someone say, "did you watch the Sherlock preview episode on Christmas day?" Just in case you missed this too, here is the video, called Many Happy Returns. I'm really looking forward to new Sherlock!


Thank you ♥

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