Thursday, 28 November 2013

Links à la Mode: 28th November '13

I can't believe I almost missed an interview invitation. It's been sitting in the university's portal gathering dust for days, but EVERYTHING IS OKAY NOW. I feel like that pot of petunias rushing to the ground, thinking "NOT AGAIN" even though there's a tiny voice als screaming "there there, you'll make it through this, it's a necessary evil and you HAVE TO DO IT JUST DO IT". If I plotted a graph of my stress level against the percentage of caps lock in my writing, it would be an EXPONENTIAL CURVE

In other news, I did an Espeon papercraft this week and it was really fun. Riki has a paper friend now! I'll do a post on it soon.



"Grace" has many meanings. Whether you're saying "grace" at the dinner table today with your friends and family for Thanksgiving, or you're talking about the elegance of "grace", or heck, maybe you're talking about Grace Coddington, no matter what if you love fashion, you'll be thinking about "grace" this holiday season. This week's roundup the IFB Community has put a lot of thought into their posts, with super smart tips and tricks to get you through the season. Going into the science behind autumn colours, the difference between plaid and tartan, how to shop Black Friday, and even how to style your hair for going out or staying in. It's everything you need, so grab the mug of spiced cider read these links! Happy Thanksgiving!

Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup

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