Sunday, 8 September 2013

Pokémon pencil toppers

Oops - I have not been a very good blogger this week. It's because I started Pokémon White this week, which immediately takes up all of my free time, especially when a quiet-natured Solosis just refuses to appear. I'm sure my fellow Pokémon trainers can empathise. The rest of you, on the other hand, don't stand a chance.

Around three or four years ago, our local Farmfoods - now bust - sold Kinder Surprise eggs for a few weeks. The surprise was a super amazing Pokémon pencil topper. Seeing as there were twenty different ones and we got ten, not counting repeats, I think we did pretty well. I don't even want to know how many eggs we bought in total, but every time we went to town in that time, we bought about four.

The monster Pikachu isn't from one of the Kinder Eggs.
I do apologise for the dodgy camera-focussing, but as you can see, they're pretty detailed and well-made. Each is about 2cm tall.

Though I've picked grass-type starters before, I really forgot how hard the beginning of the game is with just a Snivy. The abundance of bugs and birds who would just love a tasty chunk of my poor Snivellus makes for a very stressful time. It's all good now because I have a Darumaka to incinerate anything Snivellus can't handle.

The newest addition to my permaparty is the hard-caught Solosis I mentioned earlier. I'm used to having a psychic Pokémon around, and when I finally caught a quiet one, I had to call it Mayushii. My Darumaka is obviously called Daru. Both Pokémon are of opposite gender to their namesakes, but Steins;Gate is no stranger to gender-bending.

Cel very kindly found me a Feebas in his game, though it was a little overlevelled for me (fifty-two. Fifty-flipping-two.) so he made me an egg. One day I am going to have a beautiful snakey tanky Milotic! Isn't Pokémon exciting!?!


  1. Eek!! So cute <3 Love these x)
    (I used to be a big collector of Pokemon everything before :))

    1. Now I've started playing the more recent gens I've got the know the newer Pokemon, so I can appreciate the new merchandise! It's not as big as it was before but is still going strong.


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