Sunday, 1 September 2013

Cornish Adventures

How have you been keeping? It's almost time for school again, and I have no idea how I am going to go through it for another whole year and I really wonder how I've done it before. But I just got back from a family holiday to Cornwall so here are some boring pictures for you to not look at.

We put jelly in the Phone Microwave (name subject to change) and it came out as JELLY. How mind-blowing is that? And it tasted really great too.

And because we are all so obsessed with Steins;Gate still, we made Daru in the sand. Mir did the face, Cel did the feet and I did the outline and the moobs. My dad made the left hand and we worked together on the rest.

We went to an aquarium where we saw lots of cool stuff, like a giant octopus with long tentacles and a massive wobbly brain, and a rock fish which can secrete deadly neurotoxin, and lots and lots of clownfish and regal tangs. It's impossible to walk through an aquarium without hearing someone exclaim "there's Nemo!!"

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