Saturday, 20 July 2013

"Song as old as rhyme"

Here's another not-quite-lolita but lolita-inspired look I cobbled together from stuff already in my wardrobe. Perhaps you could call it otome kei? This belt came with the dress but I've never worn it because it's so 2D and naff-looking, but the bow was appropriate for my theme.

Collar: New Look
Cardi: New Look
Dress: Marks & Spencer
Belt: Marks & Spencer
Petticoat: Matalan
Socks: Sainsbury's, DIY
Boots: Clarks

I don't usually wear a petticoat under this dress - it's got its own netting - but my pink petticoat fits no problem underneath. I also folded over the top of my DIY frilly socks so the frills go downwards, because I thought it looked better with these awesome Victorian button boots that actually belong to my mum. When I was looking for them in the cupboard under the sink of the downstairs toilet, I literally had to swim through the masses of black leather boots my mum and I have accumulated. It's terrible.

After this weekend I've got work experience 'til the end of time in labs and dental practices and hospitals. Hopefully it will be interesting, but there's some dread mixed in with the anticipation! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  1. Fantastic combo! Love the look of the dress with the belt :)

    1. Thanks Olivia! I didn't really like the belt when it came with the dress but seeing as this outfit is lolita-themed, the bow was appropriate.


Thank you ♥

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