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Rabbit Heart: Ophelia Violetta

It's summer. Exams and orchestras are over with for now, so I am immensely pleased to continue terrorising the blogosphere with my interview requests. Meet the imperiously beautiful and exceptionally talented Ophelia, a seamstress from mainland Europe.

Many of the stunning skirts she wears on her Lookbook she made herself, and sells in her shop, Rabbit Heart. Not only does she pick the prettiest fabrics and cuts, but you can see from the close-ups that her products are of top quality, especially for their price. Free shipping, too!

Now I'm going shut up and let Ophelia do the talking.

'Red Wine' on LB

Hello, Ophelia! What are three things we should know about you?

Hi! Hmm... I was born in Czech Republic, but since last Autumn I've lived in Bavaria, Germany. My pets are a bunny called Fabian and two big Achatina snails called Thor and Loki. My full-time job is my online store with handmade, new and vintage clothing, Rabbit Heart.

I googled 'Achatina snail' and flipping heck, those are humungous. I can imagine that they make pretty cool pets.

How has your style developed into what it is now?

I think my style is developing and changing all the time. I feel so inspired when browsing through fashion blogs, Tumblr photos and Japanese fashion magazines, that I'm always in the mood to try something new. Life is too short to get stuck in just one style. (And it gets boring after a while!)

'The Paris Swing Box' on LB

Your handmade clothes are just beautiful. What's your favourite thing you've ever made? 

Thank you, I'm really happy you like my work! My favourite thing I ever made...? There are too many of them, but from the last few months I like the most this light green lolita skirt I made for my shop - I just love this fabric and I really like the colour combination with the natural cotton fabric. One day, when I'll have time and material I'll probably make one for myself, too.

I absolutely adore the lolita skirts in your shop, and you look so good in them! The lace trims you use are so pretty, and I especially like your dark green one.

For items you don't make yourself, where do you like to shop?

Usually I shop in common fashion stores like H&M and New Yorker... and I choose mostly from sales racks. I just love the feeling of finding something I wanted since it was new and expensive for a super-cheap price in my size and favourite colour! Also I like to shop in online stores - my favourite are those with handmade clothing, accessories and indie brands. Right now I'm really obsessed with Black Craft.

'Grow Till Tall' on LB

What first attracted you to lolita?

I can't really remember the first moment I got to know this style, but probably it was in some German anime-themed magazine. Then I started to search on the internet for any other girls in Czech Republic wearing those clothes. Found out the very first Czech lolita blog where the date of a winter meet-up was and I decided to give it a try. I put on my (super-awful) ita outfit and went there, met a lot of new people, never stopped wearing this style, collected more and more clothes... and yeah, improved my style from ita to lolita, haha!

'I used to be an adventurer like you...' on LB

Which of your outfits is your favourite at the moment, and why?

Because of the hot summer weather and a lot of historical events I attended lately, my favourite outfit at the moment is "I used to be an adventurer like you...". I just love this dress from Anki!

Who are your fashion icons and inspirations? 

That's so hard to choose; there are too many of them! Okay, so the first five I have on my mind: Fashion Squid, Zephyr Elf, The Agent of Anarchy, Iro, The Pineneedle Collective and hundreds of others.

'Tell me life is beautiful' on LB

What do you think of the street fashion where you live?

Now I live in a small peaceful town with a lot of people from different countries and true Bavarian inhabitants, so the street fashion here is nothing special. I really like how people here wear typical Bavarian outfits with lederhosen and dirndl when there is some festival in the town, but even on just ordinary days. It gives me the feeling that the tradition here is still strong and not forgotten like it is in Czech Republic.

What do you see yourself doing, and where, in seven years' time?

The only thing I'm sure about is that I´m going to be thirty-one years old. I don't do plans in my life - I just live for the moment and wait for what is going to happen!

Thank you so much for this interview, Ophelia. I know I'll keep enjoying your style, as you're one of the people I most look forward to seeing in my Lookbook feed because every time, you come up with something fresh, something original, and something inspiring.

'Never sleep inside a fairy ring' on LB

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