Sunday, 28 July 2013

Papercraft Riki

Riki with pipe cleaner giraffe

I've never tried papercraft before. When my sister Mir sent me a link to a papercraft Riki, I thought today would be a good day to start. Though I didn't do an amazing job - I was a little over-enthusiastic when bending Riki's punky hair - I think it's okay for a first shot. It's so satisfying watching something 2D take form into a cute little paper Nopon in my hands, with just some folding and a little glue. Very different from the snow Riki I made in winter.

His friend is a pipe cleaner giraffe I made in biology. I got a rollocking for 'wasting' pipe cleaners when we were supposed to be making models of DNA, and it was torn to pieces, but I sneakily gathered the pipe cleaners up again and reassembled the poor thing at home. Of course, the teacher then wandered to another table and complimented a classmate who was making cows. The injustice!

And he even has his little backpack, see?

Here is a translated page of the instructions. Be as precise as you can with the cutting, using sharp, smallish scissors, and if you get bored or frustrated, just take a break and do something else. The solid lines are for cutting, dotted lines are mountain folds, and dash-dotted lines are valley folds. As it's summer right now my hands were sweaty most of the time, which is rubbish for papercraft, so I had to get up and wash my hands then wave around madly to dry them about every five minutes.

Hope you've enjoyed your weekend!

Work in progress

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