Sunday, 7 July 2013

"Misfits living in a world on fire"

How have you spent your blinding hot weekend? For me it was strawberry-picking, taking a walk along the canal, watching Despicable Me 2 with friends followed by a sunset picnic, a day-long orchestra rehearsal, and watching Murray finally win Wimbledon. (I'm not even remotely interested in sport but I am known to watch odd bits of snooker, tennis and the like.)
Jacket: River Island, Asos
Vest: Esprit, China
Belt: Passionella, Oxfam
Skirt: Uniqlo
Socks: China
Boots: Doc Martens, eBay

Now I'm looking for a dark grey t-shirt to mod into the new X/Y Pokemon trainer's top. Seeing as I've already got the skirt, I'm already halfway to another casual cosplay. Customisable trainers, yay!
New Pokemon X/Y trainers, from Jyger's Rant
Going along with the Pokemon theme, my Charmeleon matches the skirt nicely.

Next week I have to sit a clinical aptitude test, which is kind of important for uni-picking, and very worrying seeing as I've done next to no practice this weekend. It's the last urgent thing hanging over my head this academic year and I can't wait to get it over with.

Have a pleasant evening!


  1. This look is gorgeous! I love all of it, especially the necklace. The dress is gorgeous too! Oh my God, this is a favourite x

    1. Thank you! Gotta love a Charmeleon.

  2. Love that skirt! Also....loved Despicable Me 2 probably more than I should


    1. It was the same with Tangled, I'm just obsessed with that film xD


Thank you ♥

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