Saturday, 13 July 2013


Bustiers can so easily look tacky, but I think if it's made of a decently thick material and fits well, and you balance out the amount of skin showing, they can look very classy but fun at the same time.

Perhaps you'd think they wouldn't be my style - and you're right - but for some reason I would really love a bustier. I've looked at loads and I've found that it's very hard to find one that's not too skimpy, and not cropped. The closest I've found to what I want's this one from Free People.

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I've got orchestra all this weekend; I'm shattered already and we're performing in two concerts tomorrow. Plus I'm leader of the orchestra (how that even happened I don't know) which means quite a lot of responsibility and feelings of inadequacy and incompetence!


  1. The bustier from Free People is lovely! It kinda looks like a corset top :)

    1. If it weren't sold out I would totally have it, especially at 19 quid. Oh well xD


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