Monday, 15 July 2013

Blog buttons

Finally, I can relax a little. Orchestra went great this weekend, though isn't it a little disconcerting when I am applauded for leaving the stage? (Though that's just convention to applaud the leader of the orchestra for whatever she does - it's terrible, because I don't deserve it at all.) I also aced my clinical aptitude test last week, getting a far higher score than I hoped for and expected. Consequently I am now somnolent in a pleasant haze of triumph.
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And how do you like the blog buttons I made this morning? Lots of people have circular buttons which I'm bored of, so I was planning to do different shapes relating to video games. Nevertheless, in the end I decided that it looks best when the shapes - Mario mushrooms - are all the same.

I used three different programs to make these, which sounds ridiculous, but it was just the easiest way for me. Photoshop to colorise the grey image I used as a base, Paint Tool SAI for drawing or tracing the symbols onto the shrooms and changing the hue of each, and finally MS Paint for cropping. If there's anything you think I should fix, then do let me know.

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