Thursday, 16 May 2013

Lolita without online shopping

Unless you are a master dressmaker, which most of us aren't, lolita is pretty much impossible without the terrors of internet shopping. Once you've waded through the scam stores and the tacky costumes, there is always the insecurity of shipping the damn beautiful thing from the depths of China. This is precisely the reason I am not swimming in frilly lolita dresses and it is very frustrating that I can't wear a style because I can't physically get hold of it.

Consequently I set myself the challenge of finding pieces from British high street shops that could make up a classic lolita co-ord. All the items featured in the post are from shops that can be found in UK. They don't all scream lolita and a little DIY may be involved, but compromises must be made, and I think this is the best one can do without shopping online.

Surprisingly, it's reasonably easy to find footwear to go with a lolita outfit, since lace-up boots are so popular. A basic platform Mary Jane is a lolita classic that will go with your normal wardrobe too, but if you've a little more to fork out, perhaps look into Hush Puppies, a brand that does some gorgeous Victorian boots and heeled brogues.

Top left: New Look
Bottom left: Hush Puppies, Barratts
Right: TUK, Scorpio

Look for frilly, lacy affairs with sleeves. The big chain stores like River Island and New Look are worth having a look around. If you can't find anything quite elaborate enough, you could sew some frilly trim around the collar and cuffs yourself.

Left: River Island
Right: Tokyo Doll, New Look

A crucial feature of lolita is the silhouette, so a petticoat is a must. Look in fancy dress stores, and also children's sections if you're not very tall. For the overskirt, try knee-length skater skirts, or pleated skirts, which have enough material to fit a petticoat underneath. Alternatively, you could embellish a plain fifties circle skirt with a couple of bands of lace.

Left: Vivien of Holloway
Middle: New Look
Right: Hell Bunny, Sohos

Once you've got most of your co-ord down, accessories will feel really easy. River Island and Topshop have loads of frilly socks, which you could just as easily DIY if you want to save a few pounds. Bows are common motifs for bags and hair accessories, and Claire's is pretty good for the more unusual statement pieces, like pillbox hats and chokers.

Bag: Dorothy Perkins
Socks: River Island
Choker: Claire's
Pillbox hat: Claire's


  1. Love the Dorothy Perkins bag! Thanks for commenting on my blog by the way! :)


  2. This article is helpful! I am not such a big fan of lolita, but I do like some aspects of this style. I've bought some clothes (not lolita though) from ebay, shipped from China, and I was quite pleased with them,

    1. Thanks Monica! Maybe it's a good thing I'm so scared of internet shopping, or I'd totally end up bankrupting my parents xD


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