Thursday, 2 May 2013

Links à la Mode: 2nd May '13

I sincerely hope you got a chance to bask in today's unapologetic sunshine. At lunch, I lounged about in a park near school with some classmates in a state of absolute contentment. Everything that was worrying me temporarily slipped away to be replaced with the simple pleasure of the sun on my face, and the company of people I am so grateful to call my friends.

Meanwhile, enjoy this week of IFB's round-up. Doesn't that porcelain gown look familiar? It's almost like you've seen it on this blog somewhere...


Beauty Positive
By Jennine Jacob

Real beauty comes from within. It’s an old saying, and generally I find it to be true. Beautiful people have positive souls. But… it never hurts to have good makeup and style to make your inner beauty shine. This week we have a great mix of beautifying tips on several levels to bring out the very best in you. From positive fashion quotes, owning your age and style, to nixing online bullying in the fashion community… body positive thinking and actual beauty tips galore. As a beauty junkie, I was delighted to read all the beauty tips! Of course, we have loads of style tips to get you started for the coming summer season!

Links à la Mode: 2nd May

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