Saturday, 4 May 2013

"I'll take you off to Moominland"

I trust your three-day weekend got off to a decent start? Today I did a couple of maths papers and half a chemistry paper, only venturing out the house into the late afternoon sunshine to buy some carrots and margarine for a cake tomorrow. I am So Productive.

Today I have for you a very casual outfit incorporating some adorable Scandinavian hippos hiding under a denim jacket. I feel so childish wearing it but it's a nice change from my usual dresses and granny cardigans. And besides, how could I just wear this awesome t-shirt as pyjamas? These Moomins deserve to see the light of day, especially now it's starting to get warmer.
Jacket: Timberland
Collar tips: DIY from owl earrings
Skirt: Next
Socks: Primark
Trainers: Converse 

DIY collar tips made from earrings

If you love the English Moomins theme song, you will LOVE the Finnish one.


  1. Very cute outfit! I don't have a three day weekend sadly, just a bunch of studying and some essays. :(

    Ally @

    1. Aww, no bank holiday Monday? :( I've been doing revision all weekend too. Glad you like the look! ♥

  2. And the swedish version of the song as well! You do know that Tove Jansson was a swedishspeaking Finn right? ;D new reader but already hooked on your blog! especially the lace-underskirt thing :) greetings from Finland!

    1. My brother-in-law, who grew up in Finland, told me that Finnish people say Moomins are Finnish and Swedish people say they are Swedish. Perhaps we could go midway and just say they are Scandinavian? xD
      Thanks Sandra!


Thank you ♥

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