Monday, 15 April 2013

Last Story

I'm probably going to be a bit slow at blogging these few weeks, and not just because of the onslaught of exams. As I mentioned before, I got into The Last Story, and I am coming to regret it very much.
My first impressions of the characters.
 All the blokes are immensely ugly in The Last Story, but the girls are okay. I love Syrenne, the feisty drunk; and despite their ugliness, I like Lowell (he has a wicked grin and a delicious Scottish accent) and Yurick (androgynous emo eyepatch kid) as well.
Yurick with his soulmate.
The main character and his girlfriend are so annoying, they should not be allowed to exist. Their soppy romantic scenes cause me physical pain. I curl up on the sofa and wait for it to end.

But this game doesn't take itself seriously all of the time, and is occasionally very funny. Oh, and its redeeming feature? You can change the colour of all of the characters' clothing. Naturally, everyone in my game is wearing pink.

Magenta pink.


  1. Pink can be quite to mood-lifter. :-)

    1. Damn right it can. Especially when the graphics' unsharp mask and soft light filters are driving me nuts and I am crying over the lack of hot guys in the game!!


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