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A Forest Fairy: Emilka P.

For me, Emilka has pretty much the perfect lolita style. I love classic lolita and she pulls it off grace, delicacy and charm, without the sometimes brash and superfluous quality of some other lolita styles that don't appeal to me. If you've ever flicked through Bodyline, you may recognise her as one of the models. When I found her on Lookbook I wondered how on Earth I managed to exist on the internet for so long without her breath-taking (and envy-inducing) looks, and she also posts her more daily outfits, as well as snippets of her life, on her blog.

Let's meet her!

Dreaming with Fae Creatures

1. How has your style developed into what it is now?

A long time ago, when I was still at high school, I used to wear only black, and I was really into the goth look: black t-shirts with jeans or short black skirts with heavy boots. I didn't even wear make-up because at that time I was all about natural beauty. Then one of my friends showed me the Gothic and Lolita Bibles. I can't even describe in words how amazed I was by it! At the same time I also saw some of Malice Mizer's music videos and I instantly fell in love with gothic lolita.

I must say that my first attempts were really awful and I hope any evidence of it will be buried under the sands of time forever! After around a year I got better at it, but I don't think any of my outfits from that time were anything above average. Then, about three years ago, my soul started to long for colours, and that's when browns, greens, ivories and pinks started to appear in my wardrobe. That's the time when I started to work on my classic lolita look which I have now. In the meantime I also got interested into other J-fashion styles like dolly kei and mori, and I think my current style is a mix of all those things. Not long ago I became fond of hime kaji and I think it will have a big influence on my wardrobe.

2. Which of your looks is your personal favourite at the moment?

Hmmm, that's really hard to choose, but I think I would be one of my Mozarabic Chant looks. The dress itself is sooo pretty and wearing it made me feel so happy and fairy tale-like.

The dress really is stunning. I love the print, and the lace-up detail of the top part. 

3. Why do you think you were first attracted to Japanese culture, language and fashion?

Actually, I grew up watching anime. Since I can remember I always loved to watch it and this was the source of my interest for other sides of Japanese culture. When I was fourteen or fifteen I started to listen to J-rock and I couldn't believe how interesting and different some of the bands looked from anything I knew at that time. I admit that at the beginning, I wast mostly interested in the more commercial side of Japan, but then after playing my first Samurai Warriors game, my passion for Japanese history, especially the Sengoku period, was born. Now I think I spend as much time reading about the old samurai wars as I do reading fashion magazines like Kera or Ranzuki.

I don't believe there's one particular reason why I'm attracted to Japan - I would rather say it is the sum of all those small things that captured my attention, but definitely a lot of different aspects of word 'kawaii' had a major part in it!


4. What are your favourite styles of lolita, and why?

I really love classic lolita.  One of the reasons is, of course, the colour palette. All those earth colours - browns, creams, greens - are really close to my heart. I'm enchanted by delicate floral prints and motifs with forest animals. I'm very inspired by old fairy tales and what really attracts me to this style is that, at the same time, I can wear modern clothing but still feel like a character from Grimm's stories. I enjoy living somewhere in between worlds, on the edge or reality and fantasy of the old tales. My looks are an important part of that.

One of the things I really love about your style is indeed the rich and refined colours of your outfits. The fairy-tale element reminds me of dolly kei.

5. Tell us about your hair.

I must admit that my hair is my big pride and I'm really trying to take good care of it. I always enjoyed ethereal nymphs' and dryads' looks with beautiful, long hair covering their body and this was my inspiration to keep my hair long, even though sometimes it can be really frustrating.

I love my hair and I'm trying to avoid damaging it, so I almost never style it using heat. I'm avoiding curling irons and straighteners, and when I'm blow drying, I'm always doing it on low temperature. I delicately comb it with my fingers to avoid damaging it when brushing.

I think the biggest disadvantage of very long hair is that actually I can't wear it loose because after half an hour it becomes one, enormous tangle. That's why almost all the time I keep it braided. From time to time I curl it with some overnight method, but the results usually aren't as spectacular as I would like it to be.

I think it's especially beautiful when you plait it, and then roll it up. You're one of my inspirations for growing my own hair out long, though I've a long way to go!


6. Where do you like to shop?

I do almost all of my shopping online! Taobao is my best friend, I have few favourite stores from where I get most of my cute, casual clothing, a few stores for mori and few favourite brands for lolita clothing like Surface Spell. I also love DreamV and Yumetenbo.

I usually don't buy anything in normal stores. Back in Poland, from time to time, I used to meet with my sister in shopping centres and look for cute, hidden treasures in some popular fashion chains. Now, I think it has been almost a year since I actually bought something in any physical store.

For me, sizing would be a nightmare, but I can see how you could get used to online clothes shopping if measurements were clear. I think lolita is very much a style that demands internet shopping, because real life stores just don't offer the style.

7. Who are your fashion icons?

To be truthful I find this a really difficult question to answer. When I was younger, I was really amazed by Mana, then a few years later Nana Kitade became my idol. I love her how she looked in photos from different magazines and in her music videos. At that time she I was so in love in her looks that I wanted to look just like her. She was my inspiration for my hime cut.

Now I don't think there's anyone I idolise the same way, though there's a lot of girls whose style I really admire. One of my favourites are definitely Zeruda, Sapphira, Fanny Rosie and Melva Yan. All of the girls have their own, very characteristic style and I'm always enchanted by their looks.

8. What do you see yourself doing, and where, in seven years' time?

That's actually very hard to say. I don't like to make plans going too far into the future; usually I'm just enjoying the moment.

Probably I'll be living in a small house somewhere in the countryside near the forest, having long walks with my dog, playing games, writing novels and hiding them in the depths of my computer. Maybe running a small and cute tearoom with aromatic teas and homemade cakes and cookies. A few years ago, I used to work at one all by myself, eight hours a day, five days a week, so I already have some experience!

All I can say is that as long as I'm with my husband I'll be happy! ♥

Thank you so much for your time, Emilka. I've really enjoyed having you here, and it's so inspiring to get to know in such detail my lolita style icon. I hope to one day come across an enchanting little tea room and find you in it!


  1. She is too cute! I love how girly and cute her look is, and her hair is simply gorgeous. I'm very envious.

    -Mega from

    1. I really want long hair like her! She is my absolute favourite lolita girl.

  2. wow what personalised looks ! congrats on links a la mode.
    love dani xx


Thank you ♥

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