Thursday, 7 February 2013

Moomins pyjamas

Mehehehahahah Moomins PJs. £7 from Topshop, though I cut off the nasty horrible itchy Topshop labels which were sewn over the Moomins labels, which might have to come off too if they're itchy.
Maths got cancelled so I got a rare afternoon off, which means McDonald's for lunch, a little light shopping, then home. The local Sainsbury's has a cafe and it's flooded, so I was cackling softly to myself whilst walking by admiring the mess, only to attract some mortified expressions from an elderly couple.

I tell you the truth. Finland is mad about three things: Moomins, moose and Angry Birds. If you go there, you will be swimming in Moomins merchandise, and if you love Moomins like me, you'll be very happy there.

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