Sunday, 24 February 2013


The two shops I wish we had in my town are H&M and Primark. The nearest ones I know of are half an hour away, which doesn't sound like very much, but it just means I can't browse them every other week at my leisure like all the other high street shops.

I was just browsing through the H&M website, and here are some things I liked the look of.

|| dress || skirt ||

This dress really caught my eye - it's elegant and classy, in a delicious lace with translucent bits at the top and on the sleeves. Its long sleeves opens up layering possibilities for when it's cold, and its length probably makes it suitable for work and formal occasions. The black and khaki green versions are lovely too.

 || blouse || jacket ||

You can't go wrong with the rich wine colour of this blouse, with its lace detailing. The high neckline paired with the lace's translucency makes for a demurely alluring piece. Again, the colours it comes in provides a versatile selection: black cream and khaki green.


  1. Half an hour away? Girl,the nearest H&M store to me are 5 hours away! I love H&M so much,and I just wish they had a store in my town.
    Love both of the dresses!

    Have a great day,xx

  2. Lol I have no reason to complain then! Thanks for the awesome comment. ♥


Thank you ♥

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