Monday, 28 January 2013

New Being Human

Have you heard the news?!

Looks like something's going on between Hal and Alex, which was to be expected, and in the promo picture below, it appears that Tom has stolen at least part of Dunban's wardrobe.

From Digital Spy
All this, in just a week's time - faster than I hoped. But I've one problem - 10pm on a Sunday night. It's going to be pretty unlikely that I'll get to watch it as soon as it airs.

I don't think I ever told you about that Being Human fanfic I wrote over the summer holidays? Well, I wrote most of it then, and finished it hurriedly more recently because I couldn't be bothered any more and couldn't remember where it was going any more. It's a little oneshot exploring Alex's new role, set after the end of the fourth series so obviously contains plot spoilers.

From Radio Times


  1. Oh, never heard of this show, but the chic looks niice :D

    1. She's Scottish too. Not that it's relevant... xD

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