Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Trends I'm bored of

You know when you've been slapped over the face with the same trend again, and again, and again? When you're sick of it and you can't take it any more and wish that trend would take a nap and go away for a while? Here are three of mine:

1. Spikes
Like a disease, they're on everything now - tops, jackets, collars, boots, rings. I find it excessive. The headbands are the worst, because they remind me of a certain statue. For some reason, I don't mind studs as much, probably because they don't protrude like spikes do.

From Destination 360

2. Tribal patterns
From Topman
Aesthetically, tribal patterns don't offend or displease me particularly - though I've never been partial to them - but I am just so bored now. There are so many patterns and things to print on clothes out there, and not just galaxy either, if you want to get sciencey. Heart monitor screens. Magnified onion epidermis. Cloud chamber tracks.

3. Red hair
From Hello!
I genuinely do like this colour of hair, but the statistics of people with this exact hair colour in my school is just staggering - something like one in four or five girls. It's such a shame that I've seen it so much that I've begun to dislike it, because it is a nice colour. But I certainly would be put off dying my hair red (not that I dye my hair, ha!) if over 50% of people with dyed hair had the same idea.

Are you put off things you know you genuinely like, because everyone else has killed it to death?


  1. oh no i love spikes to the bitter end!! lovely blog tho :)


  2. Everything you say is so true :D
    I've always had an aversion to spikes. I'm already frightened of spring and summer because tribal patterns will continue to invade the stores AND, I "hate" every woman who wears the same hair colour as me. It was my idea first and I even named my blog after my hair. And now - just as you say - everybody has red hair. Well, I'll keep mine until everybody has followed the next trend :D

    1. Because spikes are appearing on just about everything, I find they look really tacked on, in a desperate attempt to be trendy.

      I've thought about people like you, who've had red hair since ages ago, and now everyone is coming along and killing it. It must suck immensely :(


Thank you ♥

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