Saturday, 10 November 2012

"I am not the singer that you wanted"

Before Hallowe'en, I was thinking about getting some kind of face covering for blog photos. A mask like Lanfan's from Fullmetal Alchemist or Melia's from Xenoblade Chronicles, or a mask from Zelda, would be really awesome. But I've concluded that the easiest way to hide my face is with my hair - I've plenty of it.

So, I'm trying some outfit photos with my head. What do you think?

Cardi: mum's wardrobe
Top: Tesco
Necklace: Esprit, China
Skirt: Debenhams
Tights: China
Socks: school
Boots: Doc Martens, eBay

I bought this skirt in a sale at Debenhams a long time ago, when I only just started caring about clothes, but never wore it much. Though it's a nice wooly kind of fabric, and has lots of volume - I think it's a circle skirt? - nothing really matched it and I didn't have the boots for it, either. Since I got my Docs, that's changed.

When I rediscovered it in my wardrobe, I decided that I needed some long blue socks to go with it. I told Ginge this new addition to my shopping list, and she immediately said, "aren't our school hockey socks blue?" ... She can be a genius. Sometimes.


  1. Love this look- and I like the whole hair-over-face thing. When I was 13/14 I hated showing my face abd grew my fringe to cover it- this look is bringing back good memories. :)
    Awesome how you found the perfect socks too!

    1. I'm not like this IRL at all, it's just I'm cautious on the internet. My mum recently dug out a jumper that's too small for my dad, and it's the same colour as the socks, and that makes me very happy.

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment. Your outfit is really cool again. Love the tights. Why don't you show your face? I'm kinda curious now :P

    1. I'm faceless for security reasons as detailed on my 'about' page. My paranoia and caution on the internet knows no bounds :D

  3. I just discover your blog on Chictopia and I really love it! Love your skirt!
    Following you on GFC!

    Kisses, Lucy:)

  4. Great post! I love it! ^^ You have a nice blog, mind to follow each other? :)


  5. lovely :)
    great blog :)
    new follower via GFC..

  6. An amazing outfit! I'm no great fan of the hair idea, but I love the idea of a mask - what about a black one like Zorro's?

    1. Thank you for your veracity - I'm getting a similar response from Gaia's forums. I've got 1 more look like this, then it'll be back to headless, since people prefer it.
      While it's a great excuse for a mask, I think a mask would be just as disturbing/distracting! xD

  7. hi, thanks for comment. I really like your tights :)
    see ya !

    1. Thanks - they're from a Chinese indoor market, which is an amazing place for tights!

  8. This is probably one of my favourite looks of yours - check skirt, black, lace and combat boots = lovely!

    I don't feel like showing my face on photos with looks, too. I am... shy. So I usually just turn my head on one side. I am sure you have a pretty face!


Thank you ♥

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