Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Geek out

Warning: the dresses in this post may evoke dangerous levels of jealousy.

Mushroom Kingdom dress from Vitae Clothing

Mario and lolita - a match made in heaven. This is the coolest print I have ever seen, and if Vitae Clothing were still making it - I don't think they are right now - I would seriously consider dishing out a preposterous sum of money for this phenomenal dress.

Superman dress from Cation Designs
Cindy at Cation Designs is not only a science teacher - in my book, that is extremely cool - but also a talented and innovative seamstress. I came across her blog when researching how to dye lace with tea, and was stunned by this Superman dress she made out of bedsheets.

Dalek Princess on brienicole's DeviantART
That weird liquid sensation in your chest? That's your heart melting. Maybe she'll whisk it into a cake with her deadly Dalek whisk.

I cannot wait to see Melia in the Doctor Who Christmas Special. I also sincerely hope it isn't going to be spectacularly crap like last year's.


  1. The Super Mario dress is gorgeous! I would buy one if I had the chance.

    1. It's almost a good thing that it's not on sale any more, or I would be agonising over spending hundreds of dollars (in pounds of course) on it!

  2. your blog is so full inspiration place :) I lovw it :)

    thanks for your comment and maybe would u like follow each other on GFC?:)



Thank you ♥

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