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From 2005: Becky Bedbug

I suspect she's my favourite fashion blogger - she writes well, takes great photos, and seems like a really interesting person. That's why I'm overjoyed to be able to interview the beautiful Becky Bedbug, a primary school teacher and blogger from UK.

Her blog, Becky Bedbug, has been going strong since the end of 2011 - I remember when starting up my own, it was Becky's and Megan's blogs I was watching and using as examples to myself of a good blog - and have a look at her Lookbook too, where you can find almost fifty of her fun, bold outfits.

Becky Bedbug

1. Hi, Becky! How has your style developed into what it is now?

My style has gone through so many evolutions. I always had a very strong understanding of my own style identity so I haven't had too many faux pas. Before the age of sixteen, I was a little hippy girl. I loved everything in bright, happy colours. Aged sixteen to eighteen, I became a massive emo kid complete with ripped fishnets and red eyeshadow. That developed into rockabilly and then authentic 1950s vintage. These days, my style has settled down into a mix of all of those - a kind of sixties housewife gone bad.

'One big dark room' on LB
3. Which of your looks is your personal favourite at the moment?

Lately I think this is my favourite look. I am absolutely in love with this bat jumper and the white collar peeking out makes me feel all Wednesday Addams!

4. Who are your fashion icons?

This is always a tricky question for me because I've never been one for style icons. I love Helena Bonham Carter though. She just does exactly what she wants. She wore mismatched shoes on the red carpet! How cool is that!

I think I'll always have a soft spot for Gerard Way circa 2004 too. All black velvet blazers and red eye makeup. What's not to love?

Bonham Carter is epic, isn't she? I love your post about her. Not everyone seems to get it, but I think her eccentricity is charming, and she really pulls it off.

'Such beautiful dignity' on LB

5. What do you think of the street fashion where you live?

In my town, we have a Greggs opposite a Poundland with a bench in between, so that might give you an idea of the clientele where I live. There are a lot of tracksuit bottoms, leggings and Ugg boots. Not exactly style nutrition for the eyes!

6. Where do you like to shop?

Is "everywhere" an appropriate answer? I'm obsessed with Topshop. It's not all high street for me though. I absolutely love rooting through charity shops and vintage shops. Brighton is shopping heaven for me with vintage shops tucked into every corner.

I hear wonderful things about little vintage shops hidden away in small towns, but I can never seem to find them. Perhaps I need to get out more and look harder.

'Why can't I feel anything for anyone other than you?' on LB

7. How do you think your childhood on a council estate has shaped who you are?

Oh, wow, fantastic question! Well, it certainly made me very resilient. It can be quite intimidating for a thirteen-year-old girl to walk through a pack of teenage boys to reach the shop so I had to develop a tough exterior. It also made me very determined. A lot of people assume you will never succeed and I've devoted my life to proving them wrong.

I think it's admirable how you've come so far, despite the possibly less-than-ideal environment you grew up in. I've known rich kids who just expect everything handed to them on a plate - not everyone has the drive you have.

8. Why do you think the inner emo kid you're harbouring has been thriving for so long?

Haha, this is an even better question! I think there are two main reasons: nostalgia and emotional response. Aged sixteen, I was very angsty and I connected to emo bands in a way I hadn't connected to music before. It sounds trite but I felt like these bands really understood how I was feeling at that time. These days, I look back on my late teenage years with such fondness. They were great times and I had real freedom. Just listening to a couple of beats of My Chemical Romance or AFI takes me right back there!

'Pale white skin with' on LB

9. Tell us about the joys and sorrows of being a primary school teacher.

The joys are pretty predictable - the kids are amazing. You can never be lonely as a primary school teacher. You spend all day, every day with these thirty children and they can cheer you up no matter how you feel. Plus, I've never ever been bored at work. It's impossible.
On the other hand, I work really, really hard. If I add up all the hours I do, both at home and school, it is in excess of sixty a week. I don't actually have evenings, weekends or holidays, contrary to popular belief, because I work all through those as well. It's worth it though. I could never do anything else!

Thank you for your valuable time, Becky. Reading the interview, I wish I was in your class in primary school. You're an inspiration and you rock!


  1. Becky is amazing! I'm following her on Lookbook, too. I love how she deals with her body - I'm sure she got a lot of hate because people with fashion are supposed to be really thin. She is a true inspiration!

    1. The whole 'fatshion' scene I just think is awesome. Nothing's as admirable as someone who knows who and what they are, and knows it's fine to be that way, and is cool with it.

  2. hey, thank you so much for commenting on my blog :) it means a lot!
    this post is awesome. becky is awesome! she's such inspiration :) !


Thank you ♥

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