Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Though I don't 'celebrate' it, I hope y'all have a fun Hallowe'en. I wish I was young enough to go trick-or-treating, but at my age I would just look like a yobbo and scare everyone, in a bad way. Besides, when you think about it, trick-or-treating is just about the worst idea ever. Groups of small children wandering around at night knocking at people's doors? Disaster on a plate. Garnished with spiderwebs.

Anyway, witchiness. I rounded up a pile of looks which I thought fit the brief.

|| Meg C. || June K. || Dana L. ||

 Though common, maxi skirts and black are not essential for this look. Elements other than the skirt can be floor-length, like a cardigan or a scarf, or your hair if you are that lucky.

Ingredients for witchiness I think are:

Drapery and Layering
The sweepier, the better. Nothing makes you feel more magical than a pile of fabric drifting behind you wherever you walk. Try long cardigans and maxi skirts, and pile on the scarves, wraps and necklaces.

Mystical Accessories
The bling I think is quite important - magical amulets and charms are essential for those extra magic buffs. The more gem slots, the better. (...Sorry. Too much Xenoblade.) Spooky animals like crows and spiders featuring in your jewellery would also be fantastic.

Hair and Hat
It could be a pointy witch hat - I actually own a delightful velvet one with wire inside so you can shape it - or a hood or a beanie. To be a witch requires a little drama, and big, dishevelled hair I think would be fitting.


  1. I love the first outfit, that would look so cute at a trendy Halloween party!

    Lana, xo

    1. The hood is really great, isn't it?


Thank you ♥

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