Thursday, 18 October 2012

Long-sleeved dresses

I've got more than enough dresses already, but one more long-sleeved dress would be nice for winter.


 This fox dress is so cute, I'm dying. I really love a lot of Yumi's designs, and most of their stuff is very expensive, but the quality of their products is not always very high, I'm afraid.

Joe Browns
This purple dress is actually cotton, and the embroidery is so cute!

Lazy Oaf
I love the daisies and full skirt of this dress. I bet it would look awesome with a floofy petticoat underneath it.

Alexander McQueen
I think this last one, at over £1500, is a just little over my budget. It's pretty, though.


  1. thankyou for your sweet comment :D

    i really like the first dress, and the one with daisies!

  2. Such pretty dresses!

    Emma x


Thank you ♥

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