Friday, 14 September 2012

"Softly, softly, massacre monkey"

My cat jumper from that shopping spree is having a staring competition... with itself. This is just a leftover look from the summer.

Jumper: New Look
Shirt: Tesco, probably
Shorts: Wrangler, DIY
Socks: birthday present from Wifey
Trainers: Converse

Say hello to my superb strawberry socks my best friend and Wifey got me for my birthday. I noticed they match my DIY shorts perfectly and I'm glad I found an outfit to really show them off because they are amazing.

Trainers: Converse
Socks: birthday present from Wifey
I think, with my awkward posing in front of the self-timer, I unconsciously mimicked Amy Pond. And now I think of it, the whole baggy jersey jumper thing reminds me of her too.

The Doctor and Pond
When I sneakily printed off some pictures of my favourite BBC shows in my last IT lesson on the laserjet printer, my favourite was this photo above, which is stuck proudly on my bedroom wall where an empty hole in posters used to gape at me. Though they're not being filmed, the Doctor and Pond look so at ease, and are smiling so naturally. I miss them.


  1. Unusual colours for you to wear - but it looks very nice. The sweater is really, really sweet!


Thank you ♥

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